Monday, August 03, 2009

the weekend

well, Sadie lost another tooth.
and that silly tooth fairy kept forgetting to come
but she was thinking she needed a tooth fairy pillow
(sadie was, not the tooth fairy)
so she drew a fairy, I stitched it, we added a little pocket,
then the tooth fairy came!
( she drew the fairy with help from a book we have- how to draw fairies from usborne. such a fun book!)

oh, and the garage-
well, we mostly emptied it all out:

what a lot of stuff. Cory took a load to the dump, then put some stuff back,
then left to help some friends of ours move.
then some rain clouds came rolling in,
and the thunder was rumbling,
so me and the tree youngest scattered around gathering what was left outside and stuck it back in the garage.
thank goodness today is a holiday.
Cory is getting rid of the back ramp (hopefully)
and cleaning up our white trash wood pile,
and finishing up the garage.
I suppose I could help.
maybe I can work the chainsaw. that could be fun.
and dangerous.


Andrea said...

wow- that's a lot of junk.
Can't wait to see the finished view.
Have fun with the chainsaw.

Lynn said...

LOL! IT sure helps to have something that the tooth fairy can easily find.....we seem to have that problem in our house too.

There's never enough room in a garage for vehicles too, is there. ; )

Joanne said...

holy cow!!!! cute cute cute pillow and that is a whole lotta organizing that should be saved for when i come to visit!!! how fun.