Monday, August 31, 2009

oh, happy day!

well, today was the long awaited day.
the kids are back in school.

every year I take pictures of the kids beside their dad on the first day of school,
so we can see how much they have grown since last year,
and I am betting that next year Ben will be taller than Cory! my two biggest headed off on their way to Junior High-
I am so glad Jack has Ben there to tell him all kinds of helpful things-
Jack was asking so many questions, and Ben was filling him in.
then I took the littler ones off to elementary school.

while we were getting them settled in their classes, a friend asked if Maggie wanted to come to her house to play-( heck, yeah!)
so I came home to a messy house, and promplty went on the computer!
okay, I have done a bit of tidying, and have a lot more to do, so off I go!
what a happy day!


Just Us said...

Isn't it one of the happiest days of the year? Although you might miss them (a little bit), it is a good day. The projects to get done, the time alone, gotta love it.

Kayli said...

Did you put them by the 'school' sign on the road on purpose? Cause if you did-that's awesome. You could have them standing right behind it too. Ha ha.

Congrats for having your house to yourself!

School has been on here for a couple weeks now, but Jethro and Hazel have been playing hooky, since we've been in limbo and visiting different relatives and whatnot. But they're starting at Grandma Rasmussen's house this coming week and I'm excited! (Then they'll start in Switz. and I'm nervous!)

Lynn said...

I just read that tip about taking the kids back to school photos next to something the same every year so you can see their size change. Very cool that you've already done that. Sure wish I had.