Sunday, August 09, 2009

A recap

The weekend was a blur
-I had my sister's two littles while she was off to Ontario to look for a house.
that was good times. 
(I realized I really love that my kids (mostly) sleep through the night.)

- had Jed's party. three hours is too long. 2 would have been just right.
water fights can get crazy. the kids might attack you with water, and you might back up, and you might just fall into the fire pit and get some big bruises and scratches. maybe. 
so watch out for water fights.

-Cory has hooked the internet up to his apple, my pictures are on the pc, so no pictures right now.

- we discovered that with the apple, each kid can have their own account and a set time limit!
so maybe the apple will be Cory's and the kids, and I will get the pc to myself. that would be sweet. 

-I love that we have friends that plant gardens, then go away on vacation and let us pick the stuff that is ready! (since we have no garden. hopefully next year. maybe)
thank you friends. 


Joanne said...

you are hilarious. if Jason had been at the water fight there would have been no survivors- tell Jed NEXT YEAR!!!! here's hoping the pc thing works out!!

Stephanie said...

note to self: beware of firepits that eat your bum.
buy an apple when my computer dies so I can set time limits.
don't plant a garden next year - someone will feed me theirs!!!

thanks ;)