Thursday, August 27, 2009

things I will miss (and not miss) about summer vacation

1. I will miss sleeping in. (especially since Ben and I have to be at the church by 6am for seminary starting Tuesday. yikes. that is soooo early.)

2. I will miss me getting up early and getting my computer time in before the kids even stir. (like right now, it is 9 am and my kids have not made a peep!) - oh my, Monday morning is going to be so hard!

3. I will miss our days of not having to do anything or be anywhere. and we have had a lot of those this summer.

4. I will also not miss our days of not doing anything. I am excited to get back into a regular routine.

5. I am not looking forward to mornings when school starts. I really need to get a morning routine going for the kids, so it is not complete chaos, like always!

6. I will miss the hot sunny days. (already it is darker a bit later in the mornings, and darker earlier in the evenings.)

7. I will miss hearing the kids all play together (although this really doesn't happen all that often)

8. I will not miss hearing the kids fight. and this does happen way more often than the laughing and playing, unfortunately.

9. I will miss the four kids who are at school all day, ( at least a tiny bit. maybe)
10. totally off topic, but my mail lady just knocked on my door, to give me a package, and at the same time her phone was ringing, and I totally thought it was the package ringing. it was kind of funny. - there is no label on the package though, so I have no idea who it is for, or what it is. interesting.

11. I will miss having kids to do some work for me around the house. mind you, they did very little work around the house, so it won't really be a huge loss. in fact, having them gone all day will probably make less work for me!

12. I will not miss not making lunches. okay, I didn't know how to word that to work- I am not looking forward to the whole school lunch thing. although I generally have the kids make their own lunches, but I need to make sure they have all the good stuff they need! yikes. a lot of the times my kids do come home for lunch (being that we are pretty much just across the street from the school- but Ben and Jack won't come home too often- there school is about a 5 minute bike ride away!)

13. I will miss having Sadie around to play all day with Maggie, and I am sure Maggie will miss her too! but Maggie is very good at playing by herself. I am sure the first few days will be the hardest!


Andrea said...

Routine will be nice.
You need to figure out a morning routine so I can copy yours one day.
Wow- seminary starts soon! And early! That will be good for you all :) Welcome to the early risers club.

Kami said...

Ana already started school. I am loving it! Also, there's leaves already changing colors and falling here!! What's with that??? It's still August. Anyway, I don't envy your seminary schedule, that's for sure.

Joanne said...

heee heee heee I still get to sleep in until 7am. enjoy your week!