Sunday, August 23, 2009

our trip. in a nutshell

(actually that series he read had four more books, that aren't pictured, that he also read. he averaged one book a day. but he ran out of books by the end. next time he will have to pick a series with a few more books!)
ha ha.

we went out on a 4k hike. we thought it was a total of 4k, but one way was 4k. (or maybe way longer. it sure felt like it!) and it was hot. and the kids did not want to carry on. so me and the kids hiked to the highway, Cory hiked back and got the van, and we met up. but on the way, the kids and I passed a place where people were cliff jumping into a river- and Cory and Ben and Jack ended up going back there and having a great time, so I guess it was all good.

(this was on another smaller hike, the night before the long hot hike, and it was much cooler. thank goodness!)

ah, this is what I came all this way for. so nice and hot.

I didn't ask, but if we go back, I am so doing the u-pick in the chocolate orchard. I hope you can eat what ever you want!

and what is a trip anywhere with out seeing the worlds largest something? this time was a truck. awesome.

and of course, an awful lot of this. and some movies, and rest stops, and fighting, and crying, but hey, it was a good time over all.
so, those are some of the pictures on one camera. we had three going. so I might have to share some pictures from the other cameras next time. like the cliff jumping, and the boat we rented.
There has already been talk of a return trip, so I guess it was a hit.
but, now that we are back we can get ready for back to school. 7 days and counting.


Joanne said...

i am SO coming with you to the chocolate orchard! see what great things come from BC? ( besides me???) hee hee glad you had fun!

Andrea said...

sounds like a great time! can't wait to see the other pictures.