Thursday, August 13, 2009


1. we hooked the internet back up to the pc,


so, here are some pictures and stuff!

2. Maggie has been going to speech therapy a couple of times this month. it is at the health center, that is at our mall. this is the hallway of the mall. yep, all the stores are closed.

okay, not all. there is a jewelry store, a shoe store, and a flower store.

oh, and liquidation world. I hope that never closes. good deals there sometimes. but I don't go too often.

3. when we moved here the mall was okay. there was even a super cute store there. really. then Canadian Tire moved to the new area by Walmart, then the stores closed down quickly.

darn that walmart!

4. there is a new hospital being built in our city, then the health center is moving there.

then the mall will be even more empty and sad.

my sister and I want to revitalize it. with a bath and body works, and other such fun stores. the potential is great. but the money is not.

5. what I love the most about summer:

6. or more especially, my kids sleeping in!

7. on a walk the other day we saw this on the sidewalk.

kind of random. super cute.

8. For Jed's birthday he decided he wanted blizzards instead of a cake. so we made a bunch up earlier, and I knew we needed some whay to distinguish between the different kinds, so we made little flags. fun. cute. yum.

9. we went shopping for school supplies today. money I was happy to spend!

still need more stuff. I always wonder if the teachers actually know what is on their lists, and if they know that some of that stuff is not so easy to find.


enough said.
11. my kids are having so much fun with the photobooth on the mac. it is quite funny to watch them. good times. right now Jack and Jed are making a comic book. interesting stuff.
12. our new van is at the shop. apparently there is more wrong with it than we initially thought.
good to know right before we head out on a nice long drive.
vehicles are so fun.
13. well, I need to go watch camp rock with the girls. good times around here!


Lynn said...

No. 10 - We use to do that all the time when we were kids. How come it just seems SO much grosser and weirder now!? ; D

Bobbi-Jo said...

yep - creeped me right out!

Andrea said...

wow- the fun never ends at your house.

Anonymous said...

your kids are weird!!! must get it from your husbands side of the fam right??? jokes. and your mall.... same as ours was now it's gone. - joanne

Kami said...

I so agree about the school supplies.Errr....