Thursday, August 06, 2009


1. I feel like I just need to stay home today and get a handle on the mess, and all the stuff that is started, but not finished.

2. good thing I only have two places I need to go today. No excuse not to get something done around here!

3. this is the ramp by our back door. it used to have railings, but the boys pulled that off a while ago when they were going to pull the whole thing down. they got one board out, then stopped. the wood was screwed in there pretty tight! 4. and this is my back steps now! (it rained last night)
that little gap between the top step and the door has caused a few stumbles. we are so used to the ramp going right up to the door!
It seems so spacious out there now.

5. could also be that now a bunch of the garbage and junk that was lying around is also gone.

6. ahh, sweet summer time.
7. Sadie decided she wanted a shoulder bag instead of a back pack for the coming school year, and we found one she loves ( for $7. sweet!) so I pulled out the box of extra school supplies and went through them.
ahh. sweet fall!
8. Wow, I can hardly believe I will have two kids in junior high this year.
9. and next year one in high school. Ahhh. crazy.
10. Jed's birthday is on saturday.
Jed's party is on saturday.
he can hardly wait.
some snack foods have been bought,
blizzard machines have been borrowed.
(that's the part I can't wait for!)
we are going to fill up a ton of water balloons, and just have fun in the back yard.
boy, I sure hope it is hot on Saturday! it is 9:45 and three of my kids are still sleeping.
I think the start of school is going to be a shock to our systems.
12. good thing we have a week of school before seminary starts.
now that will be a shock to my system.
(and Ben's, I am sure!)

13. speaking of Ben, isn't he quite styling?
( haha. I think he would not be happy with me if he saw this picture on here, but I am pretty sure he doesn't read this at all!)


Lynn said...

Cami does the same thing! Flip flops with socks. They must be related. : D

You sure have been busy girl!! That back step does look much more open now. Cool!

Anonymous said...

wow the back yard looks so different. whe do you leave for bc? we leave for utah next Thurs. i have no girls here this week and i'm going crazy...Leanne

Anonymous said...

looks great Kristi!! Good luck with all your projects today!

Andrea said...

love the back steps.
funny picture of Ben. Perfect wedding slide show picture.
my kids have been sleeping in until 6:45. wow!!

Kayli said...

love the pictures. That swing one is awesome. the summer went SOOOOO fast didn't it?!

Kami said...

Hi! Sorry this is so late of a comment... I just thought it was hysterical the zoom in of Jed in the reunion photo. So boy. Hee. Hee. Also, I second Kayli, that swing picture is stellar.

Joanne said...

I am loving your new and improved back yard. who knew eh???? and yes, tres chic Ben you are a rockstar in those pink flip flops!!!