Thursday, December 10, 2009


1. sometimes my teenage boy is quite the moody one, and has quite an attitude.
I hear girls are worse.
and I am very afraid for the future.

2. big Christmas shopping trip planned for tonight.
using up the PC banking points!
I love it! stuff for nothing. perfect!

3. counting down the days-
( this picture was taken a couple of days ago- we really are on the right day!)
it was so fun to see this exact countdown thing (the right word is escaping me) hanging on the wall in a house in a movie. I believe it was 4 Christmases, but don't quote me on that! - if you watch that movie keep an eye out for this advent! (there, I remembered the word!)

4. I found a few blogs that I am quite enjoying- thought I would share-
ashley ann . cute stuff. cute girl! I love her house!

5. supablogga. super cute!

6. focus jennie so fun. and cute. of course, you knew I would say that, right?
(I added all three of these to my links on my side bar. just so you know!)

7. what? everyone doesn't have strawberry shortcake girls on their trees?
It is the favorite play place for little girls and their dolls, and littlest pet shops- what with those little magnets in their feet, they stick to the wire branches quite nicely! ( I think they pretend they are camping in the woods. so fun!)
8. snowy and cold. that is what it is around here lately. right now it is only about -14, and that is feeling not so bad right about now. sadly.
it is supposed to go back down to -30 by Sunday.

9. speaking of Sunday, a certain newly 8 year old girl I know is being baptized!
10. and her dress is done! yay! and the food has been decided on. yay!

11. Getting my Christmas cards ready to mail out. Karalee, if you are reading this- I am not sure if I have your current address- I tried to email you, but it didn't work! let me know!
(it is really just a picture, and I will post it on my blog soon, so you can all see it!)

12. Maggie is wearing some fuzzy polar fleece pajamas, the kind with the feet attached, and she doesn't want to take them off and get dressed, because they are so warm.
I don't blame her one bit!

13. alright, time to get off the computer and do some cleaning.
yuck. a necessary evil. that is usually avoided, but sadly can only be avoided for so long.


Andrea said...

I'd love to wear warm pj's all day long. She should enjoy it while she can.
You're so stylish with your advent being famous and all.
Can't wait for Sunday. And the cold. argh.

Lynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and BLESSED BAPTISM to the 8 year old! Here's to warm water in the font. (Candice will always remember her baptism day....the water heater wasn't working......and was in the middle of a December deep freeze too. ; D )

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