Sunday, December 06, 2009


well, 2 parties, two birthdays, 2 cakes, and a batch of cupcakes,
all within 4 days.
a ton of snow,
a party at the pool.
stuck in the snow in the pool parking lot- not once but twice.
(good thing I had a van full of strong 12 year olds (and a 13 year old))
they got me out no problem.
(except one of those times when 2 other people came and pushed as well!)
such fun.

now if I can just figure out what to serve for lunch at Sadie's baptism next week, finish her dress, and figure out a program,
then I can think about Christmas.
any ideas of easy lunches for large groups?
please share!


bknmkalhyland said...

I did chicken salad crossants and then had a tray with ham, turkey and cheese. I also had a fruit and vegetable tray. I don't know if it was easy, but it worked. The best thing was that you can make the chicken salad and cut the veggies early. Good luck with it all!

Lynn said...

On a cold day? How about chili or stews kept warm in crockpots during the baptism and then have a chili or soup buffet with buns or crossants or other breads. Then just squares or cookies on the side. It's especially easy to borrow crockpots that come filled. *wink* As soon as someone asks what they can bring....

Anonymous said...

which brings you to me. Kristi, what can I bring to the baptism?? Also, for my kids blessing day dinners we did beef on a bun. Put it in the roaster the night before and voila!