Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you have room?

Last week we had a Relief Society social.
it was a wine and cheese night-
non- alcoholic wine, and cheese cake, of course!
there were more women there than I have seen at a RS event in a long, long time,
which is wonderful!
we listened to a song- sorry, I should have found out info to share, but I didn't.
it was beautiful.
about finding room in our lives for the Savior,
or do we just move on in living our lives, and not let Him in.
made me think.
and want to make more room for Him.
we got a sweet smelling ornament to take home- with a little note attached-
Do you have room for the Savior?
something to think about.
especially important right now. are presents and food the most important thing about Christmas? I have to say- that has been most of my focus lately.
need to change that a bit.
to the real meaning of Christmas.


Andrea said...

Cute ornament. And great idea for a RS social.
I'm trying to focus on the Savior. Although is it bad to still be excited for turkey dinner?

Lynn said...

Amen. Loved this post. Cute ornament!!!