Thursday, December 03, 2009

thirteen silly things

1. wow, I just realized it's thursday! this week is flying by. Actually I knew it was thursday, it just hit me that it is thursday, and I haven't blogged yet!

2. we had a birthday party here for Sadie yesterday.
I remembered that I don't really like birthday parties.
I think I am partied out.

3. it is Sadie's 8th birthday, and Jack's 12th birthday tomorrow.
they are my twins born 4 years apart. crazy stuff.

4. so, what do I do when they both want something different for dinner?
(it is tradition to have whatever the birthday person wants for supper on their birthday)

5. except Ben never gets what he wants. always a big turkey dinner.
(his birthday is on Christmas day)- but usually on boxing day he gets whatever he wants.

6. I need a nap really bad.
I am always tired. always. and usually in bed by 9:00.
darn seminary!

7. I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow because that means game day in seminary, then that means Saturday the next day, and I can sleep in. hurray!

8. another sewing night at my sister's house planned for tonight.
those should be some well dressed dolls around here!

9. so, I think every year I plan on being all ready for Christmas by the end of November, and then December comes around and I am not ready. it is no exception this year. not ready at all.
okay, I am ready a little bit, but still lots more to do.

10. but really, if I was all ready for Christmas, what would I do in December? sit and read by the fire, and drink hot chocolate all day long?
oh, that sounds really nice actually. okay, next year, ready by the end of November!

11. who am I kidding? like I don't always have a few dozen projects on the go no matter what time of the year it is! or new hats I want to knit, or new dresses I want to sew, or scrapbooking I really need to get back to or.....

12. Maggie and I, and my sister hit the Bulk Barn that just opened up in Edmonton today.
I got some fun snowflake sprinkles. and when I was down south I hit the one in Lethbridge and got some holly and berry sprinkles! now I need to make some sugar cookie dough and get decorating! so fun!

13. alright, I am going to finish up some stuff in the kitchen and see if I can catch a small nap before supper time!- one can always hope!


Joanne said...

you are hilarious. seriously. fun sprinkles- I want me some yummy cookies. and Happy birthday to your twins. sorry to Sadie we can't come to her baptism.

Lynn said...

No. 12 - WHAT!? There's a Bulk Barn in Edmonton AND in Lethbridge? I did not know this. Grrr.....I was just there in Edmonton this past weekend. Oh well....another excuse to go back and visit. Thanks for the HOT tip. Can't wait to see a picture of your sprinkles.....they sound SO cute!!!