Tuesday, December 29, 2009

delicious and mysterious

so, you may be wondering what we did for our neighbors and friends for Christmas this year.
well- wonder no longer!

we printed off a bunch of our christmas mustache pictures,
I bought a mustache sucker mold online somewhere,
made up a bunch of these delicious things-

(here are a few of my kids demonstrating what to do- before quickly devouring them!)
mysterious, no?

so, anyways, we bagged up the 'staches, punched a hole in the corner of the picture, and attached it with a bit of twirly ribbon!
so fun!
and funny.


Joanne said...

you are so clever! glad to call you my sistah!

Marcia said...

Very fun! I wish we were neighbors!

Marcia said...

check this out-knitted cowls with mustaches!