Sunday, December 20, 2009

sweet Sunday

the last Sunday before Christmas.
a beautiful Sacrament meeting.

the girls wore their christmas outfits.
this year, I went the easy route.
made them some twirly skirts,
and some matching ruffle t-shirts.
easy peasy, and still cute.
I chose to not use Christmassy fabric- so it would be wearable all year, but it would have been fun to have a Christmas one.
there is always next year, right?
here is Maggie modelling her ensemble.
Sadie went to a friends house after church and was unavailable for the photo shoot.
what's that in Maggie's hand, you ask?
why- it is a huge sucker she got from primary.
need a cute, closer look?
my first thought when I saw that all the kids had gotten one of these sugary delights was cute photo prop-
but Jed's was opened, and chomped on so fast this is what I got-
(oops, Maggies shirt needs a little trim. there is a stray thread there. just ignore that , and focus on the sugar!)
so Sadie was gone, Jed was chomping, so that left Maggie with a full sucker, and a cute picture.

it was a sweet Sunday, indeed.


Kayli said...

Oh I LOVE that last picture. It is perfect. And very cute skirt and shirt! Good work.

Andrea said...

Great Christmas outfit.
Those suckers are crazy big. Wow- your ward sure loves sugar.

Joanne said...

that is AWESOME! I bought that floral fabric too ( great minds think alike?) just haven't done anything yet with it. cute girlies, fun suckers and btw called you this morning and we got your package. thanks!