Thursday, December 31, 2009


1. wow. last day of 2009. this year went by fast!

2. Ben is heading to his first youth dance tonight- the new years eve dance. I hope he has fun. and asks girls to dance. I think we need to have a little chat before the dance. give him some pointers. from a girls point of view.

3. I guess 14 is too old for matchy matchy christmas eve pajamas. I think maybe the bulldogs on the pants had something to do with it. but a mom has to try, you know?
I thought maybe, when the other kids all put theirs on and said they were so comfy, that he might just go for it, but no.

4. we are heading out to party hardy like its 2009!

5. but not until Christmas is put away. and the house is cleaned up.

6. oh wait- we might never get to the party!

7. Cory went on a cleaning spree after Christmas and cleaned up our room.
he cleaned it up good.
so far it has stayed clean.
now we just need to branch out to the rest of the house!

8. I did clean up the girls room really clean yesterday.
today it is a bit messy, but nothing that can't be tidied up in 2 minutes.
now, if only we can keep those two rooms clean, we might have a chance with the rest of the house!

9. so- want to know my resolutions for 2010? well, I am going to share a few-
I really want to buy less stuff.
and get rid of more stuff.
and use more of the stuff I already have.
reduce, reuse, and recycle the stuff!
that is the big one!

10. of course, on every ones list- lose some weight. haha. but seriously.
that treadmill is going to be worn out this year, baby! or my shoes. whichever goes first.

11. I want to have more fun. be more fun. do fun stuff. fun.

12. I want my kids to be nicer to each other.
oh wait, I think that is just a far off dream. I am hoping when they are adults they will all get along nicely. maybe.

13. alright, I best get off the computer, put Christmas away, pack up for the weekend, and clean like it's the end of the year.
oh wait, it is!

happy new year!

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Joanne said...

what a fun list! good luck with the cleaning! have fun at the par-tay tonight.