Thursday, December 17, 2009


1. well only one more day of school- boo,
but only one more day of seminary- yay!

2. and only 8 more days until Christmas.
how did this happen?
I am not ready!

3. I think what is really holding me back from feeling ready is wrapping up the stocking gifts. such a piddly job. I have been putting it off. but, I am watching a friend's child this afternoon for her, and she is watching Maggie tomorrow afternoon for me, so I think I will buckle down, and get those things wrapped up, so I can feel ready for Christmas to be here!

4. our kids draw names for who they can get gifts for,
and this year I am encouraging them all to make gifts for each other-
mostly because I had ideas of things I wanted to make, but I really didn't need to give them more gifts, and they are all pretty easy things that they could do, or do with a bit of help!
and it was mostly stuff I have already =no $ spent, which is always a good thing in my book!

5. I have always wanted to try freezer paper stenciling, so a bunch of the kids are doing t-shirts for each other!- this is one that Maggie did for Sadie. okay, I did it, Maggie painted a tiny bit,
but isn't it fun?

6. Jed is making some picture block puzzles for Maggie- I think she will love them!7. Jack is making some fun shirts for Jed, and I still have to find out what Ben wants to do for Jack, but I have a fun idea for a shirt. should be good!

8. I had to get some groceries yesterday, so I started a list, and then Jack added on a couple of things (he's not my best speller)
and then someone- I know who, added on the last item.
sadly they didn't have any of those at the grocery store.
he really wants a synthesizer. funny boy.

9. it finally warmed up here- I think we are at around -10, with a high of 0 today.
it feels so nice. really.

10. I am putting off doing a bunch of Christmas baking, because I know that I will do too much Christmas eating.
so delish. no control. it's a problem.

11. alright, must get on with my day, try to stay off the computer, and actually get things done.

12. Ben has actually requested that I knit him a hat, so I am working on that- trying to make a cool one! - we shall see if he even wears it.

13. and I knit one mitten for maggie a bit ago, need to get the second one done. so much to do!


Kayli said...

oh, I love the shirt and REALLY love the puzzle. How cute!

Lynn said...

Great idea.....having the kids do crafts for each other. Way cool!