Thursday, June 21, 2007

thirteen things

1. yesterday we headed out to take Sadie to a friends house for a playdate, a few blocks away, she was on her bike, and was having a hard time, so we took the bike back home and walked over, and she told me she is not riding a bike again until she is 11.
hmm. we shall see.

2. see this shirt?
it doesn't look too attractive on this little girl, does it?
but wait--

3. look at it now! a cute little dress! who would have thunk it? not me- but Cory's cousin Kayli found a tutorial of how to do it, and I did it, and she loves it! I think I will have to find one of those flowery mens shirts that are funny for men, but would make fabulous dresses!

this is the back, which used to be the front of the shirt! I think that is so cool!
4. kids in goggles. so funny.
and this picture also represents the girls swimming lessons- which I didn't get pictures of because I was in the water with Maggie, but they were fun, and today was the last day. sad thing. that was fun.
5. MAggie has made it her goal in life to remove the wrappers off all of the crayons in the container. what a mess.
6. Maggie has baby measles. apparently it was contageous, so sorry all you family members we were around on Sunday, check your kids for spots. that would also explain the 2 days of fever. fun stuff.
7. wow. 4 more days of school. gotta get going on the teacher gifts. I have something planned that I think will be cute. I will share when they are ready to go!
8. went out walking this morning with my cheapy MP3 player- so nice to walk with music, but i think I need to make sure they are all fast beat songs, because I was totally walking to the beat, no matter how fast- or slow it was. fun.

9. last night of soccer last night. Jed loved it and did really well.
10. sorry, can't get these pictures to go where I want them, but the piano one is Jed doing a duet with his teacher at the recital.
anyways, my #10 point is no more piano, the boys couldn't be happier.

11.this morning was beautiful when I was out walking, but it is getting windy and grey now. yuck.
12. hope it doesn't rain because we are heading to my sister's house for dinner, my Aunt will be there- haven't seen her in a while. she lives in Ottawa. she is a really great lady. can't wait to see her!
13. so, I think I need to up my babysitting prices if I am going to continue into the summer, but I am too wussy to tell the mom. hmm. must be bold, so I can make more money to spend on the big trip!!


jessica said...

what a cute dress!!!

Andrea said...

the dress is so cute.
Fun pictures. And thanks for exposing my children to diseases.
yea for no rain at the party. and be bold. just say as of July the price will be... it's all good.

Kayli said...

Your dress turned out awesome! I think it hangs better than mine did. And I especially love her shoes....perfectly finishes off the outfit. :) Hazel just got those shoes at her birthday party from a friend. So funny.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress... Can you please post the tutorial/instructions on how you did it!! PLEASE!!