Tuesday, June 19, 2007

sassy sadie

yep, that's her!
I have begged her for months to let me put piggy buns in her hair- and take pictures,
and she finally agreed.
but I think I am not supposed to tell anyone she let me do it. so shh. don't let on that I showed you these!!
she came out with the white dress herself. silly girl.
so apparently Cory is living it up in Calgary in a rented mustang convertible. tough life he has. hotel- with cable, restraunts for all meals, no kids to make messes and wake him up. man. soon it will be me- yay!
Maggie is better now. she woke up all good- back to her usual mischief. funny how when they are sick they are so docile, and quiet, and nice. today she is noisy, running around- the usual. she is still a pretty good kid though. I can't complain!


Kayli said...

She's sooooo beautiful! Is that how you looked when you were young?

Andrea said...

so cute.
and nice life for Cory. hope he enjoys it cause soon he'll have his share of being home with children. hahaha

Kim said...

Great pictures!