Wednesday, June 13, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..

after a couple days of gloomy weather, the sun decided to shine,
today is a beautiful day,
and since I am always thinking I need to get out and exercise more,
but never do,
I actually did today.
Tied up those running shoes,
grabbed the stroller and off we went.
Sadie up ahead finding her balance on that little two wheeled bike.
we didn't really have any destination, just walking, but then I had a thought that we should go visit our old neighbor Helene.
when we got to her house she was sitting in her backyard.
she pulled up another chair, went in and got juice for the girls and I, brought her husband out, and we had a very nice visit.
they miss us. we miss them. they were super neighbors.
I got a hug from her as we left.
so nice. why did we move again? not sure. sure wasn't because of the neighbors. although the ones we have now are pretty nice too.
so today, go for a walk, or call someone on the phone that you have been meaning to call for a while. feels good.


Andrea said...

ahh.. so nice. we went for a run today too and saw ducks. no old neighbors for us.

Mishel Olsen said...

I love the the angle,it's so fun...might have to try that one myself.