Monday, June 25, 2007

a sad day

as I was sitting in the Elementary school gym,
my eyes teared up. why? I am not sure.
except maybe that my first born, my oldest child
was attending his grade six farewell.
wow. going on to grade 7 next year. scary.
I left my camera with him, so maybe I can show some pictures tomorrow.
he and two girls did a little prediction for the future, named all the kids and what they thought they would be when they grow up. Ben is going to be a science teacher because he is so smart! that's my boy.

speaking of smart, my two oldest both got honors this year.
that was a great thing.

my sewing machine ate 3 meters of fabric. 3! eaten!
it was the strangest thing. I bought 6 meters of fabric- 3 each of two kinds,
to make this- but a bit shorter,
put them in the washer- or I thought I did,
then when I went to put them in the dryer, there was only one piece there.
weird I thought, maybe I didn't put it in.
had the kids searching everywhere with a big $1 reward to whoever found it. - yep, I am cheap, but it got the kids looking.
so, fast forward to today, I had another load in the wash, when it was done, it was still pretty wet, so I spun it again, then when I had it emptied out, into the dryer, lo and behod, there is some of my fabric peaking out from the agitator thing. what the heck? that freaks me out. if my machine could be hiding 3 meters of fabric, what else is hidden in there?
now I am afraid to do any more laundry. yikes.
but I am glad I found it, and excited to make that skirt!!

here's the link for that shirt dress- shirt dress! cute and fun, and not too hard.

three more days of school, well, today is almost over, so really two. ahh. sleeping in. can't wait. but then all day with kids. hmm. can wait!!


Andrea said...

crazy washer. can't wait to see your skirt though.
Yea for your smart boys. just like their daddy. hahaha. just kidding.

Kayli said...

I tried commenting before, guess it didn't work.

I can't wait to see the skirt either...the fabric you chose and how it looks on ya. I haven't ever made anything for myself.

I have never gotten used to the fact that in Canada the schools let out a whole month later than here. When we'd come visit and everyone would still be in school it felt like that extra month was forever! Good job to your boys.
I feel your pain as to your oldest growing up. Jethro's going to kindergarten this fall and I don't feel ready!