Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thrilling Thursday.

not really thrilling, but the day isn't over yet!

1. I am on a bag making kick!
I bought 2 curtain panels at a garage sale last week, thinking they went together, but when I got them home, they were two different shades, and Cory said they were too dull anyways, so I cut one up and made a few bags.
then found a fabric flower tutorial,
and had to try it- so cute. might try and put some on etsy. my shop wasn't such a hit- many items are gone, due to the time running out. will have to ponder on whether to try it again. hmm.

2. these pictures aren't going where I want them to, but then when I am done, they usually aren't where I thought they would be. yet another thing I need to figure out. -eta. I think I figured it out, a bit better- before they were all clumped together, but now, they are sort of where they should be!, June is flying by already! so much on my calendar. I was trying to make an eye Dr. appointment for the kids, and had a hard time finding a spot for it!

4. the globe and the chair are favorite garage sale finds from last weekend. I actually saw the chairs at the sale the weekend before- then thought about them all week, wishing I would have bought them- there were 4 like this, then one with arms. then the next weekend - lo and behold, same garage sale, and they had 2 chairs left, so I snatched them up. I think I will paint them a cool color and have them in my craft room- when I have one! and I think I want to collect globes and have them up on a book shelf in the basement. kind of pottery barn-ish. I think.

5. my sadie can ride a two wheeler! 2 nights of the bike at Jed's soccer with dad, and she is good to go. what a gal.

6. my flowers have more blossoms, and more colors. yay.

7. the lady I babysit for often comments how very calm I am , and thinks that I never get upset. we will just let her keep on thinking that, I think!

8. I want to take pictures like this when I grow up!

9. a friend of mine called me yesterday to see if she could keep her husbands fathers day gift at our house, so he won't stumble upon it. hmm. Cory has seen it. maybe I shouldn't do favors like that for others.

10. just kidding. it is a big stove, - for camping and stuff, and Cory says he would only want one if we had a place to keep it- like a nice big trailer- that that family is getting- today, I think- so, I don't have to worry about that for a while. but someday I want a nice trailer. it doesn't have to be that big- just sleep 7, right Cory?!

11. the rain we were supposed to get didn't really come. I was driving Jack to Cubs on Tuesday, because it was pretty cloudy and he didn't want to have to ride his bike home if it was raining, and on the radio they were talking about flash flooding in Edmonton. - which is only about 20 minutes away. weird. hardly any rain this way. I just might have to pull out that sprinkler!

12. actually, a few Sundays ago we had a big rain/ thunder storm in the afternoon, and when we went to my moms for supper, it was totally dry, and they had had no rain or thunder. crazy weather.

13. it should be the last piano lessons for Jack and Jed tonight- but sadly, we missed one lesson earlier in the year, so they have to go again next week. this Saturday is their final recital, then they both say they will never play the piano again. we shall see. will they curse me in the future for letting them quit? probably not, but let me share with you now- it is all them, they say they hate it. torture for all involved to try and get them to practice. you all are my witnesses. stand by me!

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Andrea said...

yea for the two wheeling cutie. And yes... those boys will be sad they quit one day. you should torture them for a few more years. hahaha. and no rain here either. weird.