Friday, June 01, 2007

great day.

today will be a great day.

Maggie playing on the swing, still in her PJ's
that is a sure sign of a great day!

my flowers on my back deck, already watered. the ones in the round brown pot have one blossom, but I have been told they were a great "bang for your buck" in regards to lots of flowers, easy to care for- just what I need. we shall see!

this is Maggie - in her pajamas, sitting on the cute swing the nice lady across the street gave to us. she has one granddaughter- I think she might babysit her, but this was the swing they had for her, but she out grew it. funny because I think they said she was 5- and we have had 3 kids sitting on it at a time, but we are grateful, and love it, I love free stuff! so nice to have people who think of us when they have fun stuff to get rid of!
and these are some roses from my sweet visiting teacher. what a great program the church has. I need to do better at it! thankful for those who do it so well.


Andrea said...

ahh so nice to have good vt especially one that will bring flowers. your flowers look great.

Kayli said...

Hey Kristi, I had a dream last night that I came to visit you, except, you lived in Stirling, and there was all this random stuff. When I was just barely waking up (still mostly asleep) I thought--Oh, I remembered lots of stuff about Kristi in my dream--thinking it was true, but when I woke up a bit MORE, I realized all of it was bogus. Like, your mom came to visit you, but she was really feeble and couldn't walk, so Cory was carrying her. And Ben was jumping on stair rails with rollerblades. Anyway, there was lots more stuff, but I don't remember it all. Weird, eh.
So, I'll have to get back to you about Chicago stuff. We haven't really seen much except the temple and the Shedd Aquarium.
Do you have any fun birthday party ideas, or cakes or anything? Hazel's turning 3 on the 20th. Last year she had a flower cake.
Fun swing--I love free stuff too.

jessica said...

wow, fun pictures. What fun blogging posts lately. Cute swing. I also need to do better at VT, always room to improve, hey?