Tuesday, January 29, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

so, after Ben came home, and said there were about 14 kids in the 2 grade 7 classes, and his friends said his mom was crazy for making him walk to school, I drove him this morning.
although today, added to the freezing (-35) is tons of fog. I really don't like fog. Kind of a claustrophobic thing, I think. feeling trapped, can't see what's ahead, you get the drift.
I wonder if it is better to just keep them home, and they can be put to work (or more likely do nothing) around here, or send them to school so they can do nothing there! we will go with the school thing! since teachers are there anyways, right?
I am feeling like chilli, and soups, and homemade bread. yumm. we'll have to see how productive my day is, although I thnk right now I will go join Maggie in my bed and watch some tv!
keep warm today!

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Andrea said...

wow- you are a nice mom to drive him. I want bread and soup too. yum