Thursday, January 31, 2008

random thoughts

1. didn't want to do another post without a picture. I like this one. contemplating getting it big for the basement. everyone isn't in focus, but it is kind of fun.

2. I let Ben stay home yesterday- he said a teacher told him that if the buses weren't running, the kids should just stay home. Jack was really hoping the busses weren't running today, so he could stay home too, but sadly- for him, happily for me, the buses were running today.
does buses have one s or two? busses? I am not sure.

3. no school tomorrow. the kids get so many days off this month. madness. pure madness.

4. Cory comes home today. yay.

5. he has big plans to work on the basement on Saturday. yay.

6. -28 (or so) outside today. warming up a bit. haha.

7. I machine quilted this quilt the other day- in an attempt to get some old projects done, but sadly, I did not take my time, and do it right. I do that sometimes- okay, a lot, so anyways, I think I am going to have to pick it all out and do it again, but right this time, so I can be happy with it.

8. this cold weather is not doing good things for my poor hands. they are so dry and cracked up. yuck.
9. I had to retype yuck 4 times in number 8, and 3 times in this one. silly. just so you all know.
10. I think I am running out of things to say.
11. reading blogs is dangerous. reading crazy mom quilts is making me want to make all kinds of quilts. I still love her log cabin one. I think I might have to make one, just because. because I love it. that's why.
12. Cory's sister and her husband are in Cuba right now. yep, Cuba. how nice would that be? so, anyways, her two oldest boys are coming to spend the weekend with us. it's times like these when a basement would come in handy.
13. all of you who loved that little chick hat, you could own your own! by just going to my etsy shop and buying it! how great is that! I did sell an item! yay! - thanks Lynn.


Andrea said...

There are so many people gone away this week to warm places. Makes me so jealous. Wish I could just up and go.
Cute photo. And cute quilt.
yea for basement working. hope it's done soon. I love my basement and we are seriously down here all day. don't know how we lived without it. and nice that ben's teacher tells them to stay home. Obviously wants more days off since they don't seem to get enough. haha.

Lynn said...

Thanks Kristi! I can't wait till it arrives. Good luck with the basement. It's PURE joy when it's done. Trust me.

jessica said...

my hands are so awfully dry...they hurt! yuck. hate this cold weather!