Thursday, February 07, 2008

a glimpse of my today

1. no school today and tomorrow. yay for sleeping in. boo for keeping 5 kids happy.

2. made some sugar cookie dough- it is chilling in the fridge, so later we can make some valentines day cookies. yum.

3. Ben cleaned the living room, and cleaned it good- like vacuuming under the couch cushions and everything. nice.

4. got some more butter softening in the mixer, ready to make some chocolate chip cookies later. yum.

5. really need to get sewing on my dresses for this. she is mailing her package. I thought we had 2 more weeks. better get busy.
eta- apparently I have until the 20th, but I should still get moving. I do have one done, just need to serge some seams.

6. also need to get working on my last square for this. then the next step- putting it all together. fun.

7. I almost finished the girls easter dresses- tried Maggies on her, and it was quite a bit too big. ended up I had enough fabric left to cut out a bit smaller version for her. need to get the serger back- I loaned it out, -so I can finish them, and the doll dresses. I see a lot of sewing in my future.

8. Jack is heading out to a sleepover birthday party tonight. fun for him. sleepovers are not my favorite thing. staying up late, getting up too early, and grumpy kids the next day- well, what's not to like? haha.

9. Cory will be busy tonight and tomorrow finishing up the drywall for the taper guy to come on Saturday. yay. I am so excited to have a basement. the end is in sight. far away yet- really, painting, carpet, etc- it will be a while yet, but it is coming.

10. laundry today, of course. most everyday has some laundry involved. washing, drying , folding, putting away. I really need to do it all in one day- and not leave the clean stuff in a basket for a few days, and not piles of folded stuff on my bed, which then goes back into a basket at bed time- well, you get the picture.

11. I think it is quilting night at the church. I like going there and working on stuff. gets me out of the house. I think they are trying to do quilts for the young women who are turning 18. I am not sure how I feel about it. I guess I am just being selfish- want to get some of my own millions of projects done. I guess it would have been nice to have a quilt from my relief society when I turned 18. although I was gone and moving on with life.

12. I am almost done the first sleeve for jack's sweater that has been in progress for just over a year. the sleeve has gone quickly- it is when I read the instructions on how to put it all together that I get nervous. It really makes no sense to me. I think I might have to get some help from someone who has made a big sweater before. I am hoping to be done by Christmas. haha.

13. my kids are all pestering me for their turn on the computer, so I guess I should get off and start working on my big list of stuff!


Lynn said...

Hey Kristi. Got my package today! Thanks! I LOVE it. I took a picture of it on top of my piano. I will post later.

Marcia said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog. You should be getting a doll dress from me. I hope to get it in the mail this coming week. I'm doing the crazy mama quilt a long also.
I loved the cut eyelash pic of your can be so fun