Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's thursday..

and you know what that means!
13 things.
hmm. lets get started.

1. Maggie just came up to me and said- "it's dripping all over me." let me just share that she has a very runny nose today. nice.

2. did you see the eclipse last night? amazing stuff.

3. babysitting. makes me feel like the queen ant in bugs life when she says- It's our lot in life- its not a lot, but it's our life.
okay, that doesn't sound right. maybe I better watch it again, but babysitting seems to be my lot in life right now. I just got another possibel babysitting job. could turn it down. I haven't said yes, or no yet. still thinking.

4. that book club book I said was good- I take it back. well, it is good, in a disturbing kind of way. so if you like weird, slightly disturbing books, then feel free, but I am no longer recommending it to all. take that as you will.

5. went to a pampered chef party last night and had my first taste of brie. mmm. yummy.

6. I was looking through some pictures on the computer, and thought I would post some of my favorites.
here's sweet Maggie

7. I love this one of Jack. If I made it big, where could I hang it? it is so him.

8. and my sweet Sadie.
9. I really need to get my December kids to pose for their annual photo shoots! new photo's needed.
10. we ran out of primer for the basement. Cory is picking some up today. then we can continue in the basement. oh so close.
11. I went out for dinner with a friend a bit ago, and we both ordered baked potato soup- it was yummy, and ends up, I have a recipe that is almost exactly the same. so good- I just made it last week, but tempted to make it again.
12. I am ready for spring. and the snow to melt and be gone, and the leaves to be back, and the grass to be green. anyone else with me?
13. Ben informed me this morning that he is out of clean boxers- and I said- in my best wonderpets song voice- this is serious. then I heard maggie in the dining room saying- we have to help him- in her best wonderpets song voice. if you haven't seen the show, this will all mean nothing, but if you know what I mean- it was pretty funny.


Lynn said...

Okay, Now I am going to have to see the show. Not sure what you were talking about. LOL!
I love your photos. You are so good. That potato soup sounds delish. Can you post the recipe??
I am all for spring too. Bring it on!

Andrea said...

That's hilarious. I hate that show though.
What a great life lot you have. Good times. One day we'll be sitting around with nothing to do and remembering those crazy days. haha.. ok- maybe not.
i could eat potato soup every week. yum.

Andrea said...

oh.. and forget spring. let's go right to summer.

Anonymous said...

that is sooooo funny! you are amazing! i Miss you!Leanne