Monday, February 11, 2008

what a day

so far it has been one of those days, and it isn't yet 9:30.
before school there was a big juice box incident.
one boy says it was taken out of his lunch box, one boy said he got it from the fridge. both won't back down. I told them that one of them was lying and I hope the guilt eats at them all day.
I am a good mom like that.

then I told them they would all be in bed by 7:30. sounds good to me.

so, this is a sign Sadie made for her door. I love it! it says-Pleas and thank you no boys' allowd only dad. with a picture of a boy in the middle. so cute. love the lettering and the coloring. great art, right there! and the manners. so nice.

and this is a fuzzy shot of the magster in all her joy. good times.
well, I hear that my washer has stopped, it needs to be reloaded, so I can conquer the mountian of dirty clothes that is half of my bedroom.

oh, and there is some mud on my walls downstairs. this is a good thing!


Kayli said...


kaylani said...

The best thing is your day can only get better!

Shelley said...

Very cute sign. She must be reading the Monday Manners Moments. ha ha! Enjoy the 7:30 bed time. Hopefully you can be in bed by 8!

Andrea said...

what a good mom you are.
can I have a sign made for me too?

Anonymous said...

yeah for the mudd on the walls!!! i'm so excited for you!!! Mom L. thought it was real mud- the yucky dirty kind from outside! how cute! have a better day tomorrow! Leanne
PS my sewer backed up lst night and again this morning in my laundry room so I've been doing wet soppy laundry all day- I feel your pain sista!