Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super tuesday

okay, I really have no idea what 'Super Tuesday' is really about, except apparently it is a big deal to the future president of the united States, and it sounded like a fun title.
so, all seven of us headed downtown to the dentist yesterday afternoon, and there was only one cavity amongst us. and it was Ben, and apparently that tooth will fall out soon, so no fillings! yay. I was amazed!
on Saturday I got to go to a crop at a scrapbook store- spent 6+ hours, got about 20 pages done, ate chocolate and pizza and had pop. good times. it would have only been better if I had actually known someone else who was there to chat with, but maybe it was better, I could focus more, with no distractions! I think I would do it again- so if anyone wants to come with me, let me know! we can book a spot!
the weekend is over, the nephews back home, their parents home to chilly weather! tip to Kaylani- don't make corn chowder- your boys think it is "gross"! haha.
oh, and on a very happy, super Tuesday note, the mudder and taper guy is coming on Saturday! no, the drywall is not up yet, but Cory is certain he will have it all up by then! yay!


jessica said...

I made corn chowder this week too and the boys loved it. I add extra bacon though- maybe that was it. The crop sounds fun!

lynne said...

hi kristi! no, mailing day is not until the 20th - i just have a really busy month coming up so finished early! no worries! :)