Thursday, March 20, 2008

Booty head

1. yesterday was Sadie's last dance class. She was in a 10 week program (minus the one week I totally forgot) and she had such a great time.
she wasn't the most coordinated girl out there, but hey, it was her first class, and she did really well!

2. finally got to take some pictures of Maggie. she kept doing a silly grin, and was chewing some gum- that does not make for easy pictures!

3. a few days ago, Maggie and Jack built this sweet snowman. he is melting pretty fast now though, and Maggie was quite sad about it yesterday.
4. the snow is melting (yay!) then freezing at night, then melting again. hopefully someday soon we will be seeing some green grass.
5. my first day of babysitting the nine month old today. wow. baby food, everything in the mouth, crawling all over, being carefull what Maggie gives her to eat = good times today.
6. will probably be babysitting a 5 year old boy a few days a week soon, too. = me crazy.
7. no. no. no. NO.
oh, I can say it. or at least type it!
8. I figure if I am home anyways, I might as well have someone else to play with Maggie, and be paid for it too! right? am I crazy? wait, don't answer that.

9. I am officially a booty head. that is what fans of pirate booty are called, and man, am I ever a fan. love this stuff. love costo that sells two big bags of this together. must get some more. and it is organic so that means it's good for you, right?
10. heading down to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Easter. what a long drive. what a lot of cousins. what a lot of fun!
11. there is going to be a celebration for Cory's grandparents- for their 65th wedding anniversary while we are down there. so great!
12. I hope it is spring where we are headed. spring would be nice.
13. I get to take some pictures for a friend of my sisters when I am down there. I am excited for that too. two very cute girls. fun.


Kayli said...

Those pictures are cute. I need a closer-up of Sadie's hair. It looks totally adorable on her.

And cute pictures of Maggie. Strange to me that she's 3 like Hazel, but actually Hazel will be 4 soon.

And that pirate booty stuff looks yummy--I love pirates!

Lynn said...

I never heard of Pirate Booty. THanks for the picture. I would never have know what to look for. I will have to go see if they sell it here. I shop at Costco all the time, but somehow have missed that.
BTW.....I am amazed at all the kids you are babysitting lately. Where do you get your energy??! LOL! Must be the Booty. : )

Shelley said...

I just finished my first bag of booty. It is tasty. Might have to go buy some more. Sadie looks so cute in her spandex!!