Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter weekend in 13 pictures

1.the girls in their Easter dresses

2. Sadie and her easter egg hunt loot.
3. Jack climbing up the tree to get the egg.

4. Maggie and her easter egg hunt haul.

5. so excited to find an egg!

6. Grandma and Grandpa George, at their 65th wedding anniversary party!

7. Ben loves ceasar salad!

8. some of the boys hanging out. Jack is playing with a little motorcycle and a guy.

9. I was feeling a bit like the papparazi!

10. Grandma and Grandpa George and all of their great grandchildren, except the one who's head you see at the bottom of the picture!

11. I liked this shot.

12. we went to a town easter egg hunt, that was really just a candy scramble, and here are the kids comparing their loot.

13. good thing Jed had a big bucket! my oh my. I am still picking up candy wrappers, but I am pretty sure we have reached the bottom of the bucket. That was a lot of candy! and that was just Jed's. Sadie got 64 pieces of candy.
what a happy Easter it was!


Lynn said...

Very Cute Easter Dresses! Awesome photo of Grandma and Grandpa with ALL the grandkids. Not surprised one was missed with a crowd like that. WOw!
BTW-- The Easter Bunny sure must of been quite agile to be able to climb up and put that egg in the tree. Way to go Easter Bunny!

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