Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wacky hair day

once again- as happens every year around this time, it is wacky hair day.
here's Jed's wacky 'do. some ponies, some spikes, some orange and some red. pretty wacky.

but then, there's Jack. I still can't believe I let him do this. last night we cut most of his hair short, except the top, leaving him with a mohawk.
tonight we will cut that off. oh, yes, it will be gone tomorrow. for sure.

I have no idea how people really do them. the only way we could get it to stick up is making it spiky. crazy kid. and an even crazier mom for letting him.
he kept telling me to cut the sides shorter, but this is the shortest I would go, I am sure that tomorrow he will think it is all too short.
I tried uploading pictures of sadie, twice, but they were not coming, so imagine her with one side a bit orange, one side red, and ponytails all over.
what a wacky day!


Andrea said...

wow- I can't believe it!
What fun hair. (for a day)

Lynn said...

LOL! What a cool mom you are. I remember how fun whacky hair day was. I mostly went with pink hair. And then much to my mom's horror...I kept up with that hair style for a while. : S THanks for sharing. What fun memories.