Monday, March 10, 2008

First place!

my Jed,
this handsome guy-
the one who pesters his brothers and sisters to no end,
and the one who cut off his eyelashes,
that one,
well, he got first place in his class at the local music festival! for playing the piano.
(there were only three kids in his class, but still, pretty good)
and what makes it even better was that both his Grandma's, his great aunt and his grandpa all got to see him play! fun stuff.
I even got an email today saying he won a music scholarship and asking if he would play at the final show,
then I got another email saying, whoops, he probably won't be playing, but he still won the scholarship!
too fun.
what a boy!


Shelley said...

I got to hear him play over the phone. And whew-doggy! It was FANTASTIC! Way to go Jed!!

Lynn said...

Wow! That is SO awesome! I really like the fact that these kids get recognized more for their talents. It sounds like he is going places!

Andrea said...

He's a star. And such a cutie! Those middle children are amazing!

Marcia said...

Congrats! It's so exciting when the kids do well. I'm sure he was very proud that he did so well in front of his grandparents. He is a handsome boy.

kaylani said...

Yah Jed! I can tell you too that Grandma thought it was great!