Tuesday, September 01, 2009

15 seconds of fame

I think I have had my 15 seconds, twice lately.
( I think it is supposed to be 15 minutes though- so I might have a few more moments coming up)
on Friday we headed to the legislature.
I had to do some pictures of a family, although we ended up meeting with my sister and some of her friends (totally didn't know they would be there) and also went on a tour of the building.
anyways, apparently there are plans to pave over some (or all) of the wading pools- I really have no clue, which is why I should have said no.
but we all know that no is a hard word for me to say,
(except to my kids. I can say it all the time to them!)
so when the camera man from the tv studio aske if he could get my opinion, I said yes, and probably sounded like a dodo, because as I already said, I have no clue.
we have been to the wading pools once in -oh, maybe 10 years.
so, if they aired my clip, and you saw it,
go easy on me.

then today, CTV news guys come knocking on my door.
(I thought it was strange- never been on tv ever- except in the back of a cooking segment of one of those america morning shows they tape in NYC- that I think never got aired- and now, twice in a few days. freaky)
once again I should have said no.
but see,
our neighbor died on sunday morning. doing a triathalon.
he was such a fit guy, and only 66.
something happened to him during the swimming part,and he drowned.
so very sad.
he was a nice guy.
he snowplowed our driveway many times.
so they asked if they could tape me talking a bit about him.
I didn't really know him.
he was my neighbor, and he was nice.
so if they air it, and you see me,
go easy on me.

Life is precious. and short.
hug your kids,
and eat lots of chocolate!

P.S. I think tomorrow morning I will make sure I put make up on.
because you never know who will be stopping by.


Lynn said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your neighbor. I Am sure your interview was nice. Wish I could of seen it.

Joanne said...

that's how I feel about my leaving messages on answering machines. can i just rewind and do over? I"m sure you were fabulous tho!

Kayli said...

that made me laugh.

Andrea said...

I'm sad we don't have tv so I can watch your stardom.
Did you tape it?

Cory said...

He was assisted by an aid person in a kayak when he started having troubles. He soon died, but not from drowning. It was an ironman he was doing but he was a very fit person and it wasn't his first ironman.
And yes, he was a very nice person to have as a neighbour.

What? you don't put on makeup EVERY morning? Have I noticed this before?