Thursday, September 24, 2009


1. I was sitting on the computer checking my emails, and the blogs I read before I woke the kids up this morning, and I heard Sadie mumble in her sleep- "mom, tell Jed to stop bugging me.
so funny.

he even bugs her in her sleep.
poor child. no reprieve.

2. this was on my living room floor last week.
all the pieces spread out. lovely.
3. yesterday was hot. so very hot. hotter than most of the summer days we had.
Maggie and I went to the spray park here in town
and enjoyed the hot day.

4. we even bought more popsicles, so the kids can cool down after school today. good times.

5. on Monday night we headed out to the driving range for a little family fun, and so Cory could check it out, to see if he should take the young men there,
but we didn't tell the kids where we were going,
and when we got close enough for them to know where it was we were headed,
there was moaning and wailing- we don't want to golf.

but guess who didn't want to leave?

all of them. and they all want to go back. silly kids.

6. they are repaving a whole bunch of streets in our city right now. It makes getting places a little tricky. today I had to weave in and out of paving machines, not even knowing if I was even supposed to be on the road. weird stuff.

7. but I guess smooth new roads will be nice.

8. every Wednesday night and Saturday nights are bath nights in this house.

for the littlest ones, anyways. but we missed last night, so I must make sure to get those kids cleaned up tonight!

9. I went to the yarn store in the city today to get some more yarn for some etsy stuff. there were two older ladies working there. I knew they had the one kind of yarn I wanted, but thought I would ask if they had the other one. the last I had heard they had sent it all to their other store on the other side of the city. those ladies looked all over, and checked the computer, and according to that there should have been a whack of it in the store, but then they called the other store, and lo and behold, it was there. then I just wanted to pay for the yarn I did want, and be on my way, and they kept on talking. it was kind of funny. if I wasn't in such a hurry.

10. I think you had to be there.

11. I made cookies today. I just thought I would share that. not the cookies. I won't share them. just the fact that I made them. (unless you came over, and asked really nicely! then I would be more than happy to share!) it has been a little while, and the jar was looking sad and empty. but now it is full and happy. but I don't think it will last long.

12. I wanted to share a picture or two from the wedding I did on Saturday, but I uploaded them to a new photoshop thing, and I don't know how to get them from there onto my blog. I will try to figure that out. there were a couple cute ones!

13. alright, must head off, to help Sadie with her music practicing, get the tub running, and try to get the boys eyes off the tv. good times around here!


Kayli said...

#1--soooo funny!
Fun, happy post.
I love so many of your etsy hats! They are so awesome!

Andrea said...

that's hilarious that they cried about golfing. haha.
Wish I could come have a cookie.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see those pics! I bet you got a LOT of great ones!