Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thirteen things

1. well, Cory commented on my post yesterday and set things straight about my neighbor- here is what he said:

He was assisted by an aid person in a kayak when he started having troubles. He soon died but not from drowning. It was an ironman he was doing but he was a very fit person and it wasn't his first ironman.
And yes, he was a very nice person to have as a neighbor.

Then this morning Cory informed me that the lining of his aorta burst. So very sad.

2. Apparently I was on the news. a guy at Cory's work asked him if that was his wife on tv! yikes. we didn't have tv, but the next day (yesterday) the telus guy came and hooked us up. so now we have tv.
darn it, a day late. or maybe that's a good thing. yikes.

3. I got this book at the library, and it reminded me of Joanne.

4. and then when I saw this little section inside, it really made me think of Joanne.
( her house is so clutter free, it's crazy!)
5. I loved at the end of the book, it says:
You can be fabulous no matter what your circumstances. Just pay attention to how you are living your freakin' life! Helping your elderly neighbor shovel her snow driveway makes you more fabulous. Spitting your chewing gum out on the sidewalk makes you less fabulous. Eating a double cheeseburger with fries and a shake every once in a while is fabulous. Eating fast food five times a week is not. Studying Mandarin just for the heck of it: fabulous. Watching eight hours of TV a day: not so much. Picking up an antique chair at a flea market: fabulous. Bragging about the value of your Ming vase collection: not.
(you have to get used to his way of writing. some people would not appreciate it. I found it funny- in doses. I skipped a bunch of it- like the drinking section, and I would never make any of the recipes, but it was a fun book to browse through.)
6. as I was reading that I was thinking about the end of the movie Mean Girls, where the teacher is saying- calling someone else fat doesn't make you any skinnier, and calling someone dumb doesn't make you any smarter- or something to that effect. I love that!
7. A while ago I picked up these four wooden plates at a garage sale.
yesterday I hung them on my wall.
I crazy glued ribbon to the backs of them, and they are hanging on that. Ben says they are going to fall down and take somebody out. maybe, maybe not.
8.I don't think I can handle 11 year olds. I think I need to ship my kids away when they turn 11. or maybe it is just my one 11 year old I have now. yikes. sassy as can be.
9. He got put in the band class at school. he did not want to be in the band class. he is telling me he doesn't want to play any woodwind, or brass. I told him he should try percussion. or he should try to get out of band. then he is telling me he can't get out. Meanwhile Ben is telling me how to go about getting your option switched, and Jack is yelling at me that he can't switch.
oh, such good times. and that was just one of the issues this morning.
I can't handle the drama. and he is a boy.
oh, I am frightened to have teenage girls. Especially if they are a fraction as dramatic as Jack.
my nerves can't handle it!
10. Jack has his first band class today. I am curious to see what comes of it all.
11. well, we have been invited to the beach today, but 2 of my kids didn't make their lunches, so I would have to make those, and take them to the school. and drive for about 45 minutes to get to the beach. is it worth it?
I am thinking I should get out there and soak up all the sun I can, because soon enough it will be winter, and then I will miss the warm sun so much.
12. Jed has agreed to go back into piano lessons. I am so excited. he has got skillz. haha.
he plays well, but he still can't read the notes. If I show him where to start songs, he is good. we definitely need to work on that! and practicing. that is going to be fun. not.
13. alright, much to do today. my list is long, but I might ditch it all and head to the beach. the list will still be there tomorrow. sadly!


Joanne said...

i hope you did go to the beach because that is FABULOUS. I want that book. and those stars are soooooooooo fun. ( you think you have it bad? I'm going to have 3 teenage girls at the same time. eeek!!!)

Lynn said...

Teenage girls? They grow up quickly too, and then move away....and those years of Drama seem almost like a dream forgotten. : D

Love the star plates!!!

Stephanie said...

Where to start?!
1. having a freaking fabulous friend/relative... is fabulous.
comparing yourself to her constantly is NOT fabulous :)
2. It would be a sad day if the stars fell and bonked someone BUT what a fun memory it would be in the long run right??
3. I too want to read that book and rewatch Mean Girls now!!

Andrea said...

looks like my kind of book to read. Fun.
You missed a fabulous day at the beach.
I can't imagine Jack being so mean and dramatic. He's a cutie. Just give him more kisses :) Or maybe he just needs to come play video games for a night. He should play the bassoon. Then he can be like that phone call movie. haha.
Sad about your neighbor.

Kayli said...

awesome. awesome awesome. That book looks hilarious. But I don't think I'd want to read it. There are a million zillion houses with stars on them around here and I always think of you.