Thursday, September 17, 2009

thirteen things

1. it has been hot here this week. I am soaking it all in, because probably next week there will be snow.

2. okay, maybe not snow, but I know the heat won't last, and then it will be chilly, I am sure.

3. Maggie has been asking for hot chocolate. I tell her to wait. wait until it is cold. then we will have it every day after school.

4. I love hot chocolate. but I always drink it too fast, and then I don't feel good. but then I do it all again the next time. crazy.

5. because today is thursday, that means tomorrow is Friday, and that means only one more day of waking up early for seminary, then 2 days to sleep in! yay!

6. I have been in bed, asleep by around 9:30 every night since seminary started. this means all the good shows that are starting up again and start at 9, or 10 will not be watched this season. I am a bit sad, but mostly okay about it all.

7. (and I think I can find them and watch them on the internet!)

8. except some of those sites only work in the US, not Canada. what is up with that? come on world wide web. don't eliminate us Canadians!

9. like for instance that pandora radio/music site that sounds so cool. yep, can't get that here.

10. Lynn, about our piano bench- I bought it at a fun store on Whyte Ave, that is no longer there, really to put in our front entry, but when we got the piano, it didn't have a bench, so we moved it there, and there it has stayed. it is made out of old wood, and pretty fun.

11. Jack got put into band at school. It was very low on his choices, and he wasn't too happy about it. then band class came, and he likes it, he really likes it.
He picked the trumpet.
and lucky for us, he brings it home, and blows in it.
unfortunately for us, he doesn't know any songs.
hopefully soon.

12. the junior high school is having this little contest, that if you pay your kids school fees this week, your name will be put in a draw, and one person will win their fees back! last year I sent the check in with Ben, and months later got a letter saying that his fees weren't paid. I am pretty sure it got lost somewhere in the office. (Ben is sure he handed it in) so I am not taking any chances this year, and am heading there today to pay the fees myself.

13. well, it's worth a try. you can't win if you don't enter!

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Lynn said...

No. 11 - LOL! IT will get better. Honest. And you will be SO proud. Glad he likes the trumpet!

No. 12 - Sadly we haven't won this yet at our high school.

No. 13 - But you are SO right there!!! GOod luck!