Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Thursday!

1. seminary.
what can I say.
it is early.
there are 12 kids in my class. (yikes)
it didn't start out so well,
but it is getting better.

I think.

2. tomorrow is games and treats. it's all good.
I hope.

3. I went to my neighbor's funeral on Tuesday.
Isn't it funny how when you go to a different church, you think the things they do are so strange, but when people not belonging to our church come to it, I am sure they think the things we do are strange.
you just get used to the way you do things, and other ways are different.

4. this girl-
yesterday -
did this-
all day. seriously.
except when she moved out to the dining room with her animals and dolls to have a pool party.

5. she is the perfect last child.
she plays so well all by herself!
love it.

6. Jed is back in piano lessons.
and already saying that he doesn't want to practice, and he should just quit.
so, I made him practice for 15 minutes yesterday (he got come candy for it.)
then I was gone with Sadie to her music class, and Cory was home,
and he practiced for another 1/2 hour then so he could have some computer time.

7. we are all about the bribes in this house.

8. why is it so cold outside?
where is the sun?
not here.
but I want it back!

9. look what I made! It was a quilt along on the Old red barn Co. blog
oh, a couple of months ago.
but it is done.
10. and look at the back!

11. I always see fun backs to quilts on other blogs, and I always thing- why don't I do that, so this time I used a couple of squares I had left over from the front, and I love it!
(Joanne, do you love it? keep it in mind- if you know what I mean)
12. Maggie just asked me to make hot chocolate.
sounds good to me.
it is so chilly.
13. I am working on another quilt- a quilt-a-long I started even before the old red barn one, that I am excited to be finishing up. hopefully there will be a show and tell with that one soon!
have a happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

remember a bribe is something offered for something bad...areward is for something your quilt....veryl

Lynn said...

Love your piano bench! WAY cool! Seriously! Did you make it? OR was it a find somewhere.

Kami said...

I love the quilt! So fun for Christmas.

darlene said...

I love the quilt. I really like strip like quilts

Joanne said...

you make me giggle. I was just thinking HEY cool I am in love with that backing what a fun surprise and then whammo oh yeah you have our name for christmas. that would make the perfect christmas quilt!!!! thanks in advance. hee hee hee. oh and good luck with seminary tomorrow I've been thinking about you!