Wednesday, September 30, 2009

off to a great start

so, I wake up this morning to a knock on my door.
that cannot be a good thing-
6:10. yikes. seminary starts at 6.
I get ready faster than ever before, have Cory get Ben up,
head out to get the van started,
van dies.
what? come on- not today.
So Cory, since he was already up, dropped us off,
did a quick lesson- actually was planned to watch a movie, and it was the perfect length,
then had some kids who are in my class who live 2 doors down from us drop us off.
crazy day so far.
hopefully that was all the craziness, and now it can be a calm day,
but from all the things on my calendar today, I am thinking the craziness will continue.

good thing we just picked our van up from the shop yesterday.
yep. nice.


Lynn said...

Oh man. Don't you just hate those kind of days.

Here's to a much better day for you!

Joanne said...

that sucks. maybe you should buy a montana van- they don't seem to have much troubles!!! hope tomorrow is better.