Tuesday, September 15, 2009

leaving her mark.

so funny how when kids start learning how to write their names
(or just part of their names, as in this case)
they feel the need to write it everywhere.
like on the window sill.
silly little Maggie.
guess what job she is doing today!
(I think a little clean up is in order!)


Andrea said...

so glad we have magic erasers! I can't tell you the number of names I've erased everywhere. crazy kids.

Joanne said...

yup, just found some on our railing outside. fun times for maggie.

Lynn said...

LOL! And it's funny too how some of the kids looked SO amazed at my "skill" at knowing WHO did the doodling! LOL! Good times.

Stephanie said...

So funny I just spent 10 minutes erasing art from Morgan's wall.. didn't have a handy dandy magic eraser though:(