Monday, September 07, 2009

the weekend

just to let you all know-
she has not done it again.
that little stinker.

the boys all went on a camping/rock climbing trip this weekend
leaving us girls at home.
we watched the Hannah Montana movie,
even pulled out the Hannah Montana game Sadie got for her birthday and we hadn't played yet-
my sister came over for supper, and played games with us.
it was the perfect time, because I am pretty sure the boys would not appreciate it.
but we had to put it away early because both girls were in tears when it was their turn to dance-
(the game comes with a cd that gives you prompts to dance a certain way-
like an aerobics routine,
or like Jackson would,
or to finish the song)
anyways, they both started crying.
crazy girls.

then we played a different game,
and then tried it again,
and they did much better.

we must get working on being good sports.

we have the house to ourselves,
and it was pretty clean before they left,
and sadly, it is not so clean now.

I picked up a couple of kid chairs at a garage sale for super cheap.
they are the kind that were probably ready for the trash,
but I see some potential,
but need to get working on them.
because when Cory gets home I can just see him shaking his head,
and throwing them in the trash.

so we need to head to Home Depot, and get some rust remover, some paint and some upholstry tacks. do they have those there?
and hopefully I can fix those chairs up all cute.
or else I will throw them in the trash!
sometimes what I see in my head,
and what actually happens is not the same.

and seminary starts tomorrow morning
at 6 am.
that's really early.


Joanne said...

that's how I craft too. if it doesn't work eek into the garbage it goes. sounds like your weekend was fun!

Stephanie said...

It STARTS?? at six?!
Ohhhh my.