Saturday, September 19, 2009


what a day it was.
well, the day as a whole was okay,
but the afternoon--
oh, the afternoon.
let me tell you all about it.
it started with a call from the school. which generally is never a good thing.
but this call was in regards to a child that was not mine that I supposedly am watching while his parents are away for the weekend.
what? me? no. sorry.
then they call back after talking to the boys dad.
yes, me. I am supposed to be watching these two boys after school until their aunt comes and picks them up later after her work.

oh, I vaguely recall their mom asking me to do this.
a long time ago.
and somewhere where I was not close to my calendar, so it was not written down, and it was forgotten.
I tend to do that. forget things that are not written down.
okay, I even forget things that are written down sometimes, but that doesn't pertain to this story.

okay, so it has been determined that I am indeed responsible for this boy at this time.
lo and behold, he has broken his arm on the playground, and needs to be accompanied in the ambulance to the hospital. could I please come right away.
well, no, I can't, I have two extra kids today, and one needs a nap.
okay, could I think of someone else I could call.
I was racking my brain, and nothing came up.
so I packed up the three girls, went to the school,
followed the poor kid in the ambulance to the hospital.
where we sat for 2 hours. saw him for about 15 minutes total,
then left after he got another ambulance ride into the city to the childrens hospital.
I guess it's pretty serious.

meanwhile, the dad who is away, has been notified through the whole procedure,
eventually contacted an uncle who was going to meet the boy in the city,

I later found out the boy who broke his arm had the only key to the house in his pocket.
luckily his aunt was able to get it,
come pick up his brother,
and take care of the other kids.

man, what a day.
the girls were so good at the hospital.

I am just glad it wasn't my own kid. we have been lucky with no broken bones so far.
knock on wood!


Kayli said...

ummm- WOWWWW!!! wow wow wow.

Lynn said...

YIKES!!!! I will not ever complain about my day again after reading that. You need an award or something.

Joanne said...

holy cow......that is super crazy and I'm glad it wasn't your kids. phew at least that day is over! I hope you overdosed on chocolate to recover ???

Andrea said...

I'll make sure to remind you the day before if you're ever watching my kids.