Monday, October 05, 2009

random stuff

- I made cupcakes yesterday, because I had some left over icing that needed to be used.
I didn't have enough icing for all the cupcakes though, so now I need to make more icing. then I will need more cupcakes for that icing.
vicious, but delicious, cycle.

-watching general conference on the internet- with a fire in the fire place, while knitting= a very nice Sunday.
too bad conference is only twice a year!

-Jack made the volleyball team! here is a fuzzy picture Ben took at one of Jack's games. he's the one looking back, in the blue and white shirt. nice!
they won that game- against on of the other junior highs from our city. it was a happy day.

- video chatted with my folks again last night. so fun. we were just finished supper, and they were just getting breakfast-
just like that oreo commercial, with the dad and the kid. fun stuff.

okay, I was sticking to my kitchen floor this morning, so top on my to do list is get the floors mopped. such fun around here today.
(and I think when I am done I will reward myself with a cupcake! why not!)

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Joanne said...

i wanna cupcake too! I love your delicious yet vicious cycle. how fun! yay for Jack and hope all is well in the PHilipines!