Thursday, October 08, 2009


1. on the radio they were saying that of adults surveyed, 47% said that "whatever" is the most annoying word/phrase used in conversation.

2. to that I say "whatever"!

3. last week we had a pile of leaves on our yard. Maggie and I headed out there. I tried to get her to jump in them. this is what I got.

4. you would think I was asking her to eat them or something!
little stinker!
(I think she just didn't want to get leaves in her shoes!)

5. this is out my door this morning:


6. I pulled out the boots and the coats. now to find the hats. yikes!

7. hopefully it will warm up a bit again- after all, that big pile of leaves is still on the front lawn, and needs to be cleaned up!

8. I am so looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

9. especially sleeping in for 3 days.

10. oh, and turkey. I love turkey. and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. okay, mostly just food in general. yay for thanksgiving!

11. but most especially yay for pumpkin pie! yummy!

12. but sad that my mom and dad won't be here. and we sisters have to cook the whole meal! yikes. but it will be good. and we will wish my mom and dad were here, but be happy for where they are.

13. and from what I hear, they will wish they were here eating with us- in my moms last email she said for supper they had some spagetti, and spam. and that was a good meal.
yep, turkey sounds really, really good!


Andrea said...

in honor of the parents I say we have spagetti and spam for thanksgiving.
Or maybe we should just eat lots of turkey in honor of them. and pie. lots of pie.

Lynn said...

Yikes! Look at that snow. Brrr....

I am still in Utah and enjoying the nice sun shiny weather. Not looking forward to going home now. : D

Funny what you found out about that annoying word "whatever". I use it all the time! LOL! It's my ID on my cell phone, actually.