Thursday, October 01, 2009


1. yay, it's October.

2. I am loving the leaves falling, the colors and everything, but I know it will probably be done in less than a week, and then everything will be brown and blah.

3. I also love to hear the geese honking as they fly past. very much a sign of autumn around here!

4. I had someone contact me on etsy to make a red hat for her daugher who wants to be a gnome for halloween! I love it! I love when someone requests something special, and I can make it for them! 5. Maggie and I headed to the library earlier this week, and I thought we should find some halloween books, and we picked up this one- Woo! the not-so-scary ghost.
what a super cute book!6. the pictures are so cute- the story good for kids, and I found it entertaining too (always a plus)

7. and look- he gets found by a dog, then the farmer thinks he is a sheet, washes him, and hangs him out to dry- funny stuff.

8. double ruffle bottomed pants make me happy!

9. I would attempt to make some in my size, but I am pretty sure they wouldn't be a fraction as cute on me as they are on Maggie!
10. Maggie decided she was going to be a fairy for halloween. then I pulled out the halloween box, and she decided she would be little red riding hood again. I loved that idea! no work for me. then we headed to walmart, picked up some suckers for trick or treaters, and she saw a princess make up kit. then she decided she is going to be a princess. yikes.
I am going to try hard to persuade her towards the red riding hood costume.
wish me luck.
11. I joined facebook. I said I wouldn't.
but Ben and Jack did, and I decided I should keep an eye on them.
I still don't get it. I have much to learn.
12. alright, my to do list today is quite lengthy, and I haven't done much on it yet, so I had better get busy!
13. Have a great thursday!


Andrea said...

we had that ghost book before. Cute.
Enjoy the facebook.

Bobbi-Jo said...

What a cute book, cute hat, cute pants! Too much cute going on here.

And... facebook? Welcome to the dark side! Mwa ha ha ha

Lynn said...

9. LOVE them!

Facebook?? I don't get it either. SO no one in my house is on it. LOL!

Lynn said...

P.S. I don't have your e-mail address in this lap top. Just wanted to send this to you.

Gorgeous, eh? : D