Thursday, October 15, 2009


1. I am going to do something with that big box of apples I have sitting on my counter-

2. I am thinking some apple pie filling and some apple sauce.

3. I need to find my canner. hmm. a trek out to the garage is in order.

4. maybe more shovelling. but I think it is supposed to warm up, so maybe I will just let it melt.

5. another trip to the post office- to mail off some etsy packages.
yay for etsy!

6. some knitting- once again- etsy!

7. hopefully get those wedding pictures onto a cd, and delivered to the happy couple. yes. it was almost a month ago. shame on me.

8. laundry. always laundry.

9. find some super fun, fabulous game to play in seminary tomorrow. anyone have any great ideas?

10. buy a bottle of rootbeer for ben- I told my seminary kids that if they memorized the scripture mastery in 2 Nephi:48, I would buy them a bottle of pop, and Ben did it!
it is a long one- about eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow, we die...

11. we have a cd with the scripture mastery's all to songs, so that definitely helped him learn it, so that is good.

12. must remember to pick up Jack early from school and get him over to where his volley ball game will be! -they are playing a school that doesn't have a gym, so the game is at the big city gym, and Jack is pretty sure they will win. I told him you never know. they could be a super team in disguise!

13. but first, get the kids up, and off to school. good times!

Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

is your cd called LDS rock? we have one and we have all memorized 3 so far. it is lots of fun. so far!!Leanne