Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, again?

1. is it just me, or are the days just flying by lately?

2. I made some dessert for Cory's birthday, then the left overs got put into a margarine container, and put in the fridge. then the past couple of days when I have pulled out the margarine for supper, there is the dessert. then it gets put back, and forgotten again.

3. today it will not be forgotten!

4. I love that Jack is on his school volley ball team.

5. I don't love that he has away games that he needs rides too.

6. darn that they had to get rid of the whole big school van- for team use.
actually I doubt that this school ever had one, but it sure would be very handy sometimes.
like today, after school, for instance.

7. no school tomorrow. why? I can't say. - well some teacher something day- whatever!
but I can say I am very excited to not have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. yay!

8. the rest of the day might not be so great, but at least we can all sleep in!

9. and, if I can stay awake that late, I can actually stay up and watch my Thursday night shows!
(I usually watch them online early in the next week)

10. I had Sadie clean up her room the other day. she didn't do too well on her own- she just kind of stands there and doesn't know what to do. I have to come in and say- pick that up, now put it where it goes. now pick up that other thing, and put it away. silly girl.
so anyways, we had it picked up pretty good.
today- well, you wouldn't even know we did anything. so crazy.

11. I think it doesn't help that most of the toys come in sets with tiny pieces- polly pockets, barbies- a million pieces- and little shoes, oh, those shoes!

12. alright- once again, my to do list today is quite lengthy, so I must tear myself away from the computer, and get on with real life.

13. groceries, post office, speech therapy- just a small sampling of my day! such fun.
happy thursday!


Joanne said...

you are one busy lady! happy thursday to you too.

Lynn said...

No. 11 - So true!!!