Saturday, October 24, 2009


today is my birthday!
the kids keep asking me "how old are you, again?"
and I have to think for a second.
then I have a moment of shock.
woah. 36.
closer to 40 than 30.
getting up there!
but it is all good.
I made some fresh salsa I am going to eat a lot of.
and an ice cream cake I will probably eat a lot of too!
but I am allowed, right?
because it's my birthday!


Joanne said...

you are looking really HAWT for your 7th anniversary of your 29th birthday! eat all the cake and icecream and salsa you want- just not at the same time please!!!!

Lynn said...


You look amazing!

OH.....and don't forget......the 40's are the new 30's. So you must still be in your 20's. ; D

And 40's are NOT that bad. Trust me. : D

Andrea said...

Great picture!
Happy Birthday. And you are allowed to do whatever you want!

Kayli said...

Happy happy birthday!!

Marcia said...

Happy Birthday! Ü

Just Us said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!! Hope you had a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great day and your family spoils you rotten!! Happy Birthday!

polischuk said...

Happy belated Birthday Girl!!! You don't look a day over 35;P ....Enjoy your week!