Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pretty lucky

want to see some pretty pictures of my pretty girls?
if you answered yes,
go here

(I am lucky I have a real photographer as a friend-
and super lucky that she loves to photograph babies, and use hats, and wraps and stuff, and that she lets me use the pictures in my etsy shop!
super lucky!)


Kayli said...

You're right--pretty pretty pretty!! I LOVE their hair. I'm jealous.

As for my blog header picture--I just sized it to be that big --it took me a zillion tries to get it to a size I liked. It ended up 900X360 pixels.

Andrea said...

Very cute!
I'm lucky to have a sister that takes great photos.

Lynn said...

Love the dresses and pants with ruffles you sewed.

LaVerle said...

Gorgeous pictures! Sadie's eyes are stunning in the first picture -and I LOVE the shot of the two girls hugging.