Thursday, November 05, 2009


thirteen things I learned today while driving some kids to a volleyball game:

1.Vegreville is far away.

2. even farther than the town the team they played came from, but apparently that team doesn't have a gym. what? yes. no gym.

3. teams that have no gym are easy to beat. - our team is not the best, but they totally rocked today!

4. the only way to kill Jason is to kill him underwater.

5. the only way to kill wolverine is to take away his mutation stuff, ( I think the boys used other terms)then kill him.

6. I think that is the one, I could be a bit mixed up. don't quote me on this stuff. I was just the driver.

7. some kids play a lot of video games.

8. and a lot of those games are war games.

9. my poor kids are so deprived.

10. and will continue to be so deprived.

11. some boys don't hate abba.

12. they might try to convince you to stop at a&w, but if instead you stop at tim hortons and get some tim bits, that might be okay too.

13. I am so glad that is their last away game. (and they way they played this season- I wouldn't be surprised if it was their last game ever!)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

sounds like good times.
Especially the timbits. Can't go wrong with that.
Your poor deprived kids are cute.