Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the vortex

do you ever think that if you could just stay off the computer, how much stuff you could get done?
I do.
but here I am.
on the computer.
finding more ideas, and craft things,
and gifts to make.
instead of finishing the ones I have started, and doing the ones I have bought stuff for.
silly me.
silly computer.
sucks me in.
like a vortex.
must get out.
and get stuff done.


Kayli said...

I'm totally not going to urge you to stay off the computer. In fact, I'm going to link you to this awesome crocheted hat I found the other day--

Your boys would totally rock these hats. Make them for them for Christmas. Please please. So I can see the pictures. :)

Lynn said...

Oh I can SO relate. But what would we do without those ideas. So I am not going to urge you to get off the computer either. I get SO many ideas from YOU! : D

Andrea said...

I wish I had more time.
Get off the computer! haha.