Monday, November 30, 2009

the sun will come out. tomorrow.

the sky is grey.
I got a negative feedback on etsy
(that is so not my fault- the person never paid. like I am going to send them something when they haven't paid. and I did try to contact them. several times.)
I am tired.
and grumpy.
I pulled out my Christmas decorations and my nativity snow globe that I loved is broken.
and now maggie is pulling out all sorts of stuff.
like Christmas threw up in my living room.
and have a house that needs cleaned.
and no gumption to do it.

the weekend was so fun.
I spent it with my mother-in-law, and my sisters-in-law.
we saw new moon.
(let me just say that I always did like Jacob. and still do. yowsa.)
I get to see my aunt this afternoon.
then I think I will have a nap.
and then I think things will feel better.
it's not so bad.
I think I will have some spinach dip for lunch.
that sounds really good to me.


Marcia said...

Sorry to hear about your snowglobe.
I liked the Christmas threw up in the living room part....that was so my house today too! It's almost cleaned up. I get more tired every year. I'm putting some of it back up in the attic and giving some to Salvation Army.
Just saw New Moon last week and loved it too! Much better than the first movie.

Lynn said...

I saw how much fun you had on Joanne's post. So cool of an idea!

So sorry about the snow globe and negative feedback. ; S

Joanne said...

ahhhh... can last weekend cancel out any negative stuff this week? hopefully a little chocolate can help the blues go away!